Menu Planning

Here is an updated menu list with fewer dishes with meat.  I am trying to use mostly vegetarian meals with a few meat dishes sprinkled in.   Mix and match everything and remember that at least once or twice a week dinner might be leftovers.

                 Main Dish:                                                      Side Dish:             

                 Lemon Garlic White fish                              Quinoa Pilaf                                          
                 Taco Soup (meat or not)                               Corn bread                                                  
                 Butternut Squash Ravioli                             Fruit Salad
                 Roasted Veggies Pasta Primavera                Garlic Bread
                 Won Ton Soup                                              Cranberry Salad
                 Navajo Tacos                                                Fruit
                 Grilled Marinated Shrimp                            Caesar Salad
                 Black Bean Enchiladas                                Side salad
                 Vegetable Pot Pie                                         Fruit with cottage cheese
                  Cafe Rio Salad                                            Cilantro Rice
                  Caesar Salad w/blackened Salmon             Bread sticks
                  Grilled Vegetable Farro Salad                    Fruit Salad
                  Easy Chicken Parmesan                              Pasta w/red sauce
                  Tomato Basil Soup                                      Cheese sandwiches
                  Waffles                                                         Blueberries, strawberries
                  White Chili (meat or not)                            Flat bread
                  Clam Chowder                                            Cherry Tomato Salad
                  Squash Bake                                                Black Beans & Rice
                  Loaded Baked Potato Soup                         KFC Coleslaw homemade
                  Crunchy Tofu Salad                                     Fried Potatoes
                  Taco Bake
                  German Pancakes
                  Roasted Vegetables (chicken or not)            Wilted Spinach Salad
                  Vegetarian Lasagna                                      Red Quinoa Fruit Salad
                  Blackened Salmon                                        Sweet Potato Fries
                  Cajun Chicken Alfredo Pasta                       Chinese Buffet Green Beans
                  Angel Hair Pasta with Shrimp                      Summer Squash Casserole                           
                  White Bean Soup
                  French Dip Sandwiches                                Cucumbers in Oil and Vinegar
                  Breakfast Zucchini Pie
                  Scalloped Potatoes                                         Zucchini Gratin
                  Butternut Soup
                  Vegetarian Chili
                  Tuna Casserole
                  Hawaiian Haystacks
                  Hummus Pizza
                  Fish Tacos

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